> Who are we?

Elizabeth Sinyard & Harsheen Kaur are architects who see themselves as stewards of Barton McFarland's resources and catalysts for imagining creative design solutions with the community. We hope to help uncover latent potential in this communities resources including the abandoned housing, vacant land, infrastructural spaces, and existing actors to creatively imagine multiple design possibilities that can cultivate and catalyze a collective imaginary.

The design interventions that live on Detroit Commons are not the sole solutions or answers, but rather a catalog of possibilities that are playful yet still possible. Our aim is both to present holistic design options as well as a multitude of components that can be used separately to imagine new opportunities for the community.

> What is Detroit Commons?

Detroit Commons is a database for understanding what is going on in your neighborhood, it is a resource for understanding how to take action, and it is a creative tool for imagining what your community can do.

> What is commoning?

Commoning involves community members gathering together to collectively manage a resource.

A social system for the long-term stewardship of resources that preserves shared values and community identity.

A self-organized system by which communities manage resources (both depletable and replenishable) with minimal or no reliance on the Market or State.

The wealth that we inherit or create together and must pass on, undiminished or enhanced, to our children. Our collective wealth includes the gifts of nature, civic infrastructure, cultural works and traditions, and knowledge.

A sector of the economy (and life!) that generates value in ways that are often taken for granted – and often jeopardized by the Market-State.

                  - David Bollier, "Intro to Commons"

> How do I use this website?

1. You can learn about properties, materials, and skills in your neighborhood through our interactive map.

2. By clicking on a property you can see how you can instigate change for your community through the provided resources.

3. Participate in this open-source platform by contributing to the map, commenting on ideas and creating ideas of your own!