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How do you make the recycled glass?

-- Bottle Plant Lady

Will the youth center hold community events?

-- Church of the Living God

Would residents be able to purchase some of the solar energy generated here?

-- Friendly Neighbor

How much energy does this type of solar power generate?

Intervention #1
Actors & Funding

Can we take our prom photos here?

-- Cody High

Garden Sauna

How much water will this collect?

Plant Shop

How much water will this collect?

Sing Wind

Would the church choir be able to broadcast the service when performing here?

-- Church of the Living God

Green Screen Garden
Hive Mind
Green House

I could sell my plants here! This is right next my house

-- Bottle Plant Lady

Stoop & Show
Disco Street

This would be an awesome place to play some of my tunes!

-- DJ Jhosta

Shower Garden